Company profile


Who are we?

BlueTerra Energy Experts is a specialized and independent consultant company for industry and large business markets. We advise in the field of energy saving and sustainable energy. BlueTerra stands for smart, innovative, reliable and creative solutions which we reach by an integral approach. Our service covers the entire chain, from masterplan and conceptual study to the implementing guidance and monitoring. As of January 1, 2018, BlueTerra Energy Experts is the result of a fusion between the consultancies Industrial Energy Experts and Energy Matters. The combined organization can rely on thirty years of experience.

What do we stand for?

BlueTerra Energy Experts stands for professional knowledge and expertise. Expertise in the fields of energy, emissions, energy-efficiency and sustainability. Expertise in concept development, policy and strategy. We have know-how when it comes to production processes, the social playing field and the long-term developments within The Netherlands, European Union and worldwide. BlueTerra Energy Experts also takes the lead by developing innovative solutions and working methods, such as the energy performance Label programme (ECCP), ISO 50001, heat storage in PCMs, Power Quality and sustainable innovative energy conversion techniques.

What drives us?

Our pay-off is: Empowering Sustainability. This is what moves us. We want to make sustainability working. In the industrial and large business environment it is a challenging way to go. We see that as an opportunity: since the market is still very focused on energy-efficiency improvements, many wheels have to be set in motion to reach carbon neutrality.