strategisch advies


Strategic advice


Since we often work for frontrunners in the industry and have a large knowledge of the energy market, we help clients to mark the spot on the horizon. This could be on topics such as electrification, Carbon, Capture, (Utilisation) and Storage (CC(U)S) or CO2-neutral. With a masterplan  we help you to make the next step. We have a couple of customers that are already industry leaders including FrieslandCampina, FloraHolland, HSV P&I and Vreugdenhil.

We could also support your firm according to the  “Energie Potentieel Scan” (Energy Potential Scan) method. This participatory advice process will lead to an energy plan that is developed and widely supported by the firm itself.

Moreover, we are not afraid to explore innovative solutions for you, such as green gas, biomass, hydrogen, electrical storage, geo thermal and fuel cells

BlueTerra has the developed the EMF (Energy Market Forecast) Model to simulate in which way the electricity demand is met based on the demand profiles, climate data, the available production capacity and the merit order. This model provides a good insights in the effect of the electricity price developments on the possible energy mixes that your firm could choose.