Our quick scans provide in a fast and convenient way insights in the possibilities of sustainable technologies for your firm. On the basis of this quick scan it can be decided if further research into the application of these technologies such as mechanical vapour recompression.

Strategic advice

Since we often work for frontrunners in the industry and have a large knowledge of the energy market, we help clients to mark the spot on the horizon. This could be on topics such as electrification, Carbon, Capture, (Utilisation) and Storage (CC(U)S) or CO2-neutral.

Energy consultancy

BlueTerra has a lot of experience to build on. Besides feasibility studies we also perform EED-audits and research on energy savings. Moreover, we have a monitoring role in public tenders and arbitration.

Optimization utilities

BlueTerra has extensive knowledge on energy technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering. Our strength lies in pre-engineering new concepts and the optimisation or adaptation of existing installations. BlueTerra is also capable to manage the process of tendering and support during the execution of the project.

Energy management

Insights in your own energy use is a first step towards savings and performance improvements. Subsequently, BlueTerra helps you to translate this information into dashboards, concrete actions, KPI’s and targets. Besides this we take care of ISO 50001 and (EED-) energy audits.

Project management

BlueTerra has experienced project managers on board with years of experience in multidisciplinary projects. They can manage such projects or execute them. If you need more manpower in your organisation, BlueTerra can temporary post one of his consultant at your company for both the short term as the long term.

Subsidies and project finance

It does not matter whether you have plans for a demonstration project or a commercially available technology, our subsidy advisors will help you to find the right subsidy in any situation. Moreover, we will discuss the possibilities regarding regional subsidies, fiscal measures and European subsidies with you.


Our consultants have a lot of experience with MEE and MJA routes, emission directives, subsidy law, and the Activities Decree (Activiteitenbesluit) of the Environmental Management Act. Furthermore, we work together with several experts and lawyers on legal topics.