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Energy reduction program Janssen Vaccines & Prevention

Energy reduction program Janssen Vaccines & Prevention 

Subsequently to the energy audit, BlueTerra is now actively working on the implementation of the energy reduction program at Janssen Vaccines & Prevention in Leiden. Since 2016 our consultants are working as part of the energy team to implement the energy reduction measures. In addition to the technical challenges, we also provide support to meet the challenges of:

  • Risk assessments in GMP environment
  • Provide documentation for quality control (so-called QA)
  • Updates on the project progress by means of a periodic energy newsletter
  • Creating awareness of energy saving by means of an energy prize quiz
  • Project management and project execution; from User Requirement Specification (URS) to work permit


Currently, the electricity utilization of the production facility has been reduced by 30%. And in addition, up to 2020, we’ve planned for serval more energy reduction measures to be implemented.

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