INNO-SOFC – improving the market uptake of SOFC technology

The main objective of this project is to design, assemble and demonstrate a novel 60 kW SOFC power plant based on an all-European value chain from component manufacturers to end-users, with significant cost reductions, improved efficiency and longer life-time compared current SOFC systems. The specific objectives of the project are:

> Design and manufacturing of 60 kW SOFC system with 60% electrical and 85% total efficiency.

> System and components enabling for a lifetime of 30000 hours and two-years continuous operation without planned shut-downs.

> System efficiency and life-time validation according to IEC standards in 3000 hours demonstration.

> At least 30% reduction in system costs, below 4000 €/kW  stack costs

> Stack life-time and performance validation in 10000 hours test.

> Identification of most promising end-users and applications for stationary SOFC systems.

> Efficient all-European SOFC value chain from component manufacturers to end-users

> Boost market penetration of stationary fuel cell products and services

BlueTerra has provided insights in the identification of end users and their business cases. Therefore, we developed a business model tool that helps potential end users to get insights in the benefits of SOFC technology. The Excel tool can be downloaded via the link below:

INNO-SOFC D2.3 Business case model