Reversible fuel cell and hydrogen storage - BlueTerra
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Reversible fuel cell and hydrogen storage


Reversible fuel cell (RFC) and hydrogen storage

In the future long term surpluses of renewable electricity can be expected on the market. Electric storage is no longer sufficient in those situations. This principle was the reason for BlueTerra Energy Experts to take the lead in a consortium of 7 companies to realise demonstration project FlexNode. In this project the operation of a system with a so-called reversible fuel cell has been tested and the chances for commercialisation of such a system.

Within the project BlueTerra formulated several application areas, worked out several business cases and did research into the moments of supply surplus. Besides, BlueTerra was responsible for project management activities such as the erection of the consortium, the organisation of the funding, coordinator during project execution.

The Flexnode rapport shows that local storage of hydrogen is an important bottleneck for the application of a reversible fuel cell but it casts new light on which configurations can be relevant. It may be interesting to implement decentral hydrogen fuel cell systems combined with large elektrolysers close to the renewable energy source.

The public report can be found here: 201809 Openbaar eindrapport FlexNode.

Please contact Arjen de Jong for more information. T +31 6 – 303 688 27, E